Ulwazi prides itself on providing customised, culturally-based and culturally-relevant, interactive experiences which:

Ulwazi distinguishes itself on the basis of a process that aims to develop a unique product, including:

From a science and technology perspective, it should be noted that a study that Ulwazi carried out for the South African Department of Science and Technology provided an audit of existing science centres in South Africa and permitted visits to and a review of more than 60 centres and organisations on five other continents. In addition to this information at its disposal, Ulwazi continues to keep abreast of the current variables and trends that allow for the successful development and operations of interactive centres, programmes and other activities by continually visiting new centres, from interactions within the Southern African Association of Science and Technology Centres (SAASTEC) and from attendances and participation in various conferences, such as the British Council’s Science and Society Conference and the 6th Science Centre World Congress.

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